It is surprising for many parents to know that their child needs counselling.  Therefore the question is how you know if your child needs Counselling? If you notice signs such as behavioural changes, unusual anxiety and sadness, trying to isolate most times, mentioning death frequently and health complaints you must know that counselling for kids essential. There are several phases in a child's life which you as a parent can deal with easily with the help of counsellor.

Did you know that water beads are a great tool that facilitates art therapy for kids? Indeed if you are new to the sensory play world, you might not know about this fun art material. Water beads are safe for touching and playing and provide for sensory activity for your children. These super tiny beads are made from a water-absorbing polymer and as the beads absorb water, they will grow and grow. Water beads are an open-ended and hands-on sensory play opportunity.  They are so much fun as they are about the size of a small marble and have a small bounce to them if they are dropped on the floor.  Next thing kids like about it is that they are soft, squishy and smooth to touch, not slimy at all. Water beads form an integral part of counseling for children.

In the field of pediatric rheumatology water beads are used to promote learning and development in areas such as fine motor, coordination, exploration, colours, sensory, and creativity.  Moreover water beads art therapy for kids also introduces them to scientific and mathematical concepts such as absorption.  Children learn a lot about scientific thinking skills such as predicting, observations, reasoning and so much more from water beads.

Choose a doctor like Dr. Singla who follows a unique niche of rheumatology known as integrative rheumatology that blends traditional (Western) practices with evidence-based complementary therapies. In the management of juvenile arthritis for example, pharmaceuticals and a procedure such as a joint injection are used in addition to the anti-inflammatory diet, supplements, massage, acupuncture, and mindfulness training. This 360 degree approach allows pediatric rheumatologist to optimize acute and chronic disease management while teaching children about resilience and adaptability.

Rheum to Grow is a unique practice for kids with chronic rheumatic diseases to get personalized health care that goes beyond standard disease management. Dr. Singla follows Integrative Rheumatology approach that combines the specialties of rheumatology (pediatric rheumatology in this case) plus integrative medicine.